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Go green!

An hour from Liège and Namur and an hour and a half from Brussels, our estate is the perfect place to organize you workshop in a green setting and a peaceful environment where everyone can enjoy a fulfilling stay!


We have various meeting rooms:

In the “Ferme” building:

"Prosper Lahaut" meeting room40-80 PeopleSize: 15,50 x 7,80 = 120.90 m³
"Nivelles" meeting room40 PeopleSize: 11,80 x 6,50 = 76,70m²

In the castle:

"Séminaire" meeting room30 PeopleSize: 5,60 x 7,60 = 42,56 m²
"Millénaire" meeting room12 PeopleSize: 4,70 x 6,20 = 29,14 m²
"Grenier" meeting room40 PeopleSize: 6,50 x 22,70 = 147,55 m²

In the park:

Multipurpose hall120 PeopleSize: 15 x 20 = 300m²