Thème: Cooking

Into the wild

Description See where the wind takes you! Build fire, a shelter…learn different techniques to survive in the countryside… During these activities, your pupils will feel like real Robinson Crusoes. With a nature guide, they will learn how to live with nature, in the countryside. They’ll for example learn how to make fire using natural tools… Read more »

Wild cooking

description: Accompanied by a nature guide, go for an unusual but yummy walk. We will take you to the forest to learn how to recognize, find and collect edible plants, berries, mushrooms (in the autumn) and insects. Afterwards, in a pleasant atmosphere, you will prepare the products you have picked in order to taste them. Bon… Read more »

Close to VSG – Gastronomy & local produce

Activities to discover products made by local artisans in and around of Villers-Sainte-Gertrude. La Chèvrerie d’Ozo (Izier – 4 km) La Chocolaterie « Defroidmont » (Erezée – 10 km) La Brasserie « Fantôme » (Soy – 13 km) La Micro-Brasserie de la « Ferme au Chêne » (Durbuy – 14 km) La Confiture « Saint-Amour » (Durbuy – 14 km) Bonbon chic (Durbuy – 15 km)

Wild cooking

description: Since the time of prehistoric man, Mother Nature has offered man the opportunity to eat. Today, are we able to recognize the edibles plants? With a guide, go for a walk in the surrounding area and learn how to recognize plants, berries, mushrooms, insects and other things that we can eat. Afterwards, prepare the products… Read more »


Description: With a guide, go for a walk in our beautiful forest to learn more about mushrooms and mushroom picking. You will also have the opportunity to taste the mushrooms you find. to book: Interested in this activity? Contact us at :